1. How does the financing work? = It’s simple. We offer owner financing, you can get your own financing or you can pay cash as well. If you go through our financing, our interest rate is 9.9% (10.1709-10.4614% APR DEPENDING ON WHAT THE SALES PRICE OF YOUR PROPERTY IS – EX: $19,950-$39,950) and our loans are for 20 years. With our loans there is no pre-payment penalty so you can pay off your mortgage at any time by refinancing though another lender, wrapping the land into a home deal with your builder, or just by paying off the remaining balance. The choice is yours.
  2. What is a “double lot” OR “triple lot”? = When the neighborhood was originally developed it was created with all single lots. We feel now that this would make things too crowded and the homes too close together so we changed the layout. Now the smallest sized lot you can buy is a double lot (which is as it sounds – 2 single lots sold together as one property). The same for the triples (3 lots) and the quads (4 lots). BUT ONLY ONE HOME ALLOWED PER PURCHASE
  3. Does this mean I will have more than one address? = Yes, you will have at least 2, 3 or 4 addresses depending on which sized lot you purchased but you can only use one address. This means you can pick which one you want to use for your mailing/billing address.
  4. If I buy a double, triple or a quad do I have to place my home on just one of the lots and leave the others open? = No, since we are selling these properties in one transaction no matter how many you purchase together the city doesn’t care whether you center you home across your lots or not. For more information and clarification on the placement of homes please visit the permit office for the city of Sinton. There is a 15” setback along the front of the property by the Curb.
  5. Can I get more than one lot? = Yes, you may buy as many as you like. If they are next to each other you can keep them as separate properties/mortgages or combine them into one big property.
  6. Can you put more than one house on a double, triple or quad lot? = No you cannot. No matter how many lots you decide to buy (like buying 2 double lots next to each other) it is still sold as 1 property and therefore can only have 1 home on the property. This keeps more distance between the homes and the overall feel and look of the neighborhood is better.
  7. What are the restrictions out here, if any? = The main ones are you may have a single or double wide manufactured home but it must be 10 years or newer at the time it is delivered/installed and 900 sq. feet or larger. For a site built or modular home it must be 900 sq. feet or bigger as well. Please refer to our website to see our complete restrictions. You will be given a printed copy at time of deposit/Lot Hold.
  8. Can we have horses or other animals? = No horses or other farm type animals (chickens, cows, donkeys, sheep, goats). Our neighborhood is in the city of Sinton which makes us within city limits. This is why you are able to get to enjoy all the amenities other Sinton city residents do. City water and sewer, trash pick-up and even the school bus comes to our neighborhood as well.
  9. After closing who has to maintain the grass? = You do. Once closing is completed it is officially your property and you are responsible for the upkeep and maintenance.  City has the ability to levy fines for properties that get out of hand and are neglected.
  10. Since I have to cut my own grass can I have a shed out here before I place my home? = Yes you can. Since you are responsible for maintaining your lawn you may place a shed on your property to hold your property and lawn equipment immediately after closing.
  11. How long do I have before I have to build or put a home on the lot? = There is no timeframe in which you have to build or put a home on the lot. You may hold it indefinitely. Keeping up the property and lawn maintenance will still be required.
  12. What are the green pipes and the grey boxes all over the neighborhood? = The green pipes you see are the city sewer connections, the black boxes are the city water meters and the grey vertical boxes towards the back of the lots are the underground electrical connections. Since we only sell lots that are at least a double lot or bigger you will see more than one utility connection on each double, triple and quad lot. In other words a double will have 2 sewer, water, and electric connection options which allow you some flexibility on which one you use for your connection. Same goes for triple lots which will have 3 of each and the quad which will have 4 of each. You only need to use one of each but you can choose any of the connections on your property so you can save yourself money in the long run by choosing the closest ones.
  13. So water, sewer and electricity are stubbed out to each lot but do you connect them for us? = No. The yard lines and hook ups to the facilities in place are your responsibility. Please check with city of Sinton and San Patricio Electric Co-op for details and pricing. They will also be able to give you specifics for your contractor.