How to get started

How to get started!


1. Check out our FAQ page for answers to most questions. If your question is not listed please call us at 361-364-5263

2. Use our available properties page and map to choose a lot from the few remaining properties.

3. Sleep on it! Foreclosures are bad for everyone and this is a long-term financial commitment and mortgage we are offering and should not be entered into lightly. Please be 100% sure before you move forward in this process and understand exactly how much it will cost to have a home delivered or built. It is okay to purchase the land and wait to save up or rebuild credit – you will have to maintain the property and pay your taxes.

4. To fill out an application for financing click this link. It will take you to our loan officer’s website. Select whether you will have a co-borrower or not and then hit the big green start here button.

5. Call to schedule an appointment at 361-364-5263.

6. Once you’re approved you can pick your closing date (up to 30 days from time down payment is received)


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